Wednesday, February 1, 2023

First Day Published

So I woke up at four o'clock this morning, lay in bed for a while, fretting.

"What if nobody likes the book?"

"What if I told too much about myself?"

"What if I told too little about myself?"

"What if the Kindle book looks crummy?"

And on and on. So I got up, headed to the computer. The last worry, at least, was easy to check on. I logged onto Amazon, where I discovered that 21 copies of Indie Theater Guy on Kindle had already been sold. (Thanks, you 21 steadfast and wonderful people. You know who you are.) I checked out the "Look Inside" feature on the Amazon page; worked fine. Then I bought my own copy. And tried to go back to sleep.

And didn't.

So I opened my Kindle and started reading.

It looks great.


Did finally sleep some; got up around seven, had breakfast, then headed back to the computer. And found some lovely posts on Facebook from folks telling me they'd gotten their Kindle copies this morning. And then there was this, from Qui Nguyen:

Got it, downloaded it, read it last night. Man, what a great read. It brought back many memories of my favorite time of doing theatre in New York (which still feels like yesterday even though I know it's not). I also enjoyed finding out a little about you and Rochelle outside of just the NYTheatre stuff and where you are now in life in Cocoon and especially your short epilogue (purposely being vague so not to spoil anything). I smiled from ear to ear, Martin. I loved it. And it also prompted me to go look up those 2 episodes of Indie Theater Now (I agree, Trav SD is an incredible host). Congratulations on your first book, man! I can't wait for the next one!

Day officially made. Thanks, Qui.


If you are reading Indie Theater Guy on your Kindle, please take a moment and check out the Dedication and the Epigraph. Kindle defaults you to the Prologue, but those two earlier sections in what Kindle calls "Front Matter" mean a lot to me, and I really want everyone to see them. The Epigraph is by Bob Laine, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to use it here.


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