Thursday, September 8, 2022

A New Blog

So the mood struck, and I decided it was time to blog again. Nita said I should write again, and she's right. Mother said why do you want to make a new blog and I said because I felt like I wanted to. So.

So I went to WordPress, trusty blog site for so many years, and boy! is it hard to make a blog quickly over there nowadays. They've added a site editor thing in beta whose utility is obvious but whose user friendliness, at least to this user, is dubious.

So I've arrived at Blogger. Was here a long time ago, maybe 15 years ago. We'll see how we like it.

The blog will be unstructured and random. About what's on my mind. Try not to be controversial. Try to make it a sounding board, though; and a place to write about what I've read (because I am reading more than I ever did) and what I've seen and heard. No grandiose action plan, no mission statement. Not even grammatically correct sentences, as the editor is pointing out: at my age, I can be a stylist if I want to be.

So here goes.

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